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Inbound and outbound call center services
with great pay and the ultimate flexible schedules.  


It's Your

TNMG believes in freedom. The freedom to think, the freedom to do, and the freedom to live the lifestyle that suits you. 
Our work-from-home call center positions don't micromanage. You get to pick your own shifts, work for excellent pay, and get support from seasoned professionals.

We have high expectations, and we want you to succeed, but our emphasis is on giving you what you need to enjoy life.

How to Get Started

Application process

Getting started as a TNMG Teleservices agent is easy!
There are just four steps:

Step 1. Apply

Just fill out our simple application form here.  It's an easy form, but it's an important step because we will use the information you provide for really important things like making sure you get paid. 

Step 2. Register on the Arise Platform 

(US Agents Only - if you're not in the USA, skip this step)  Register on the Arise platform here. IMPORTANT:  Step 3 will ask for your employer's FEIN. Enter 450602874 for TNMG Holdings, LLC.

Step 3. Interview

You will have two interviews: One with TNMG, and one with the client.  Once you've completed Steps 1 and 2, we will be in touch to schedule your interviews. 

Step 4. Complete Training & Get Started!
You will see numerous training opportunities on the Arise platform.  Register for a training session, complete training, and start taking calls! 

Your new work-at-home career starts with a simple application process. Click below to get started now.

Our philosophy

Love your job.
Love your life.

The New Management Group (TNMG) was founded on a philosophy of making the world a better place... and that starts with our team. 

We believe that you should never do something you don't love. That's why all of our call center agents get to pick their own shifts, and enjoy numerous benefits.  In addition to incredibly flexibility and traditional incentives, we also offer unprecedented perks for our agents. These include membership in our own Ariana Card program, group discounts, even extremely discounted (and sometimes even free) travel! 

Things You Need to Know

Frequently asked questions

We believe in full transparency, so there are some important things you need to know up front.

Am I an employee?

We can only offer our unprecedented level of flexibility because you work as a 1099 contractor. But don't worry, we take care of you like you're one of our own!

How Long Does TRaining TAke?

All of our clients have dedicated training programs. Some take only a few days, while some take as long as three months to gain certification. 

Is Training Paid?

Unfortunately, the answer is generally no. Some clients do offer earn-as-you-learn portions of paid training, but training and certification programs are generally unpaid. You can expect to work 3-5 hours a day in training. 

Is There a Cost?

Some of our clients require payment for their certification programs. These costs range from $10 to $250, and certification fees will be reimbursed once you complete training and start taking calls. 

Some of our CLIENTS


These are just a few of our most well-known clients, and we're adding exciting new clients all the time.
Whether you want to work for a small, local business or a Fortune 500 company, TNMG can help you get started.

Get Started

Ready to apply?
Start Here.

This is Step 1

Remember, this is just the first step toward your new work-at-home call center career with TNMG Teleservices. 

If you are in the United States and applying for an inbound position, you must register as a TNMG agent on the Arise platform.  You can find step-by-step  instructions at:

When registering on the Arise platform, this step is VERY IMPORTANT:  Step 3 will ask for your employer's FEIN. Enter 450602874 for TNMG Holdings, LLC.

Once you submit your application, we will be in touch to discuss your interest and next steps. We can also walk you through registering on the Arise platform so you can get started taking calls. 

If you have any trouble at all, or have any questions, please contact us using the information below. 

Contact Info

37 N. Orange Avenue, STE 500, Orlando, FL 32801